No Cuts to Unemployment Benefits!

Working families are struggling. More than 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment. 


Right now, unemployed workers are entitled to receive at least $600 a week, but President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell are pushing to cut that money off on July 31. They want to force us back to work before it’s safe by taking away our benefits.

Meanwhile, millions of us have filed for unemployment but haven’t seen a cent because state unemployment agencies are using outdated computer systems and phone lines are overwhelmed. We need Congress to invest more money in our unemployment system to get benefits to everyone who needs them.


We need Congress to:
* Extend the extra $600 per week unemployment checks until the economy has recovered.

* Help state unemployment agencies process claims and get money into people’s pockets.

* Give unemployment benefits to working people who have been excluded, like undocumented immigrants and jobseekers (recent high school and college graduates entering the workforce with no prior work history).

Please call your Senator and Member of Congress TODAY and tell them to support unemployed workers!